My Best Friends

I have lots of best friends. Their names are Zakia Hussin, Anis Rawiyah, Nurien Arynna Sesliza, Alya Qistina, Aida Bartrysha and Nuha Iqbal. My best friends and I are in the same school: ISSA (Intergrated Islamic School Shah Alam).

My best friends are really cool. I think I can trust them. Sometimes we do fight but in the end we will always stop fighting because we are truly best friends.

The end

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Oh Subhanallah! It is Ramadhan. Let Me share you some facts about this wonderfull and holiest month in Islam.

Ramadhan is the ninth of the Islamic calender year. It is the month of fasting and the month in which the Qur'an was revealed. It was so named because it originally fell in the height os summer with days on intense heat. Ramadhan is derived from the Arabic verb ramad, which literally means to bake a sheep in ite skin. Similarly, the fasting person living in the hot desert. In the same way, Muslims who fast are slowly burning away thier sins Mashallah!

The month of Ramadhan gradually rotates backwards through all seosons and months. The Muslim experiences the discipline of fasting under all kinds of conditions in all seosons. In winter the dayas are short and cold, making fasting much more easier. While in summer the long ho days make fasting more difficult. Autumn and spring brind an intermediate situation. All Muslims who fast for a period of about thirty four years, in one place, will have fasted for the same amount of time, no matter where they live.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Save Gaza and Palestine

Look at all our brothers and sisters suffering. One day ISLAM will get our victory back. How the Israelies kill and destroy Gaza and the rest of Palestine! Just feel their hurt - the cries of the babies, the screams of pain .... How children are separated from their families .... I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone, myself included, that eventhough these events are happening so far away, we must never forget them. Because we are brothers and sisters in Islam! We should help as much as we can - some of us are brave and have gone on the ships to send aid to Gaza, some of us have given lots of money and some have written about it. (if you have the opportunity, please read 'This Time We Went Too Far: Truth & Consequences of the Gaza Invasion' by Norman G. Finkelstein). If you are unable to do any of the above, please raise your hands in prayer and pray to Allah The Compassionate, to help our brothers and sisters. Another thing you can do, is tell your parents that you do not want to support the Americans. So, try to stop buying American goods - this means McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Apple Computer *sob sob - I won't be getting my i-pod ... at least until the Israelis stop barricading Gaza. My family and I have decided to boycott American products - this is our way of showing support for our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Israeli troops storm Gaza flotilla

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mother

This poem is dedecated to my mother Nur Azyan Ismail.

My mother is like the sunshine for me,
She makes me feel happy whenever she is around.
I would like to eat her yummy food all the time,
Whenever she scolds me I know she still loves me.
My mother is like the sunshine for me,
She gives me advice that I would never forget.
Whenever I remember her giving birth to me,
I try to feel the pain.
And she will always be in my heart forever and ever,
I would always give my love to her.
I would do anything to make my mother happy.
Now what would you do to make your mother happy?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One of the greatest gifts we have been granted is the ability to read, to learn and to follow the Words of guidence sent down to us by Allah, the Lord of the Universe. By understanding His words and message, we are then able to acquire Faith and knowledge of the unseen and to, thereby, understand the original purpose of our existence: to know and worship the One and only God of all Creation.